YOU ARE… QUALITY? Certified, certified… The truly EFFECTIVE cosmetic INNOVATION: marketing or reality? FULL PACKAGE, myth or reality? As a FAMILY with Bioware With Bioware, the PLANET is a village HUMAN VALUES: the priceless treasure of Bioware. EXCELLENCE? A duty for Bioware.


A cosmetic brand looking for the next best seller,
A direct selling company eager for novelties,
A chain store wanting its high margin brand,
A pharmaceutical company that wishes to diversify,
A group in high fashion looking to complete its collection.

You are all welcome at Bioware!
To create your Cosmetic brand and to conceive unique skin care products.
- Facial skin care
- Body skin care
- Hair care
- Toiletries

QUALITY? Certified, certified…

Major industry leaders are not mistaken: quality control does not guaranty a success, but without it, it’s a guaranteed failure!

Bioware is one of the rare subcontractors recognized by the big cosmetic groups as well as pharmaceutical ones: GMP certified, ECOCERT, members of

The truly EFFECTIVE cosmetic

Formulas that reduce wrinkles up to 45% in just a month’s time and certified by German dermatologists, sounds tempting?

Cosmetic masks with moisturizing actions that exceed 100%, sounds familiar?

The infamous free radicals, main cause of cellular aging, silently reduced by 70%, sounds attractive?

Measurable performances, true and long lasting. Products with visible effects, fast acting and almost instantly. This cosmetic exists.

It’s rare but with it, you win your clients loyalty.
Ready to engage in a discussion with

INNOVATION: marketing or reality?


A true innovation is understood only if it awakens the client’s imagination.

At Bioware, being able to activate longevity genes can be explained by a story on the centenarians’ secret…

Knowing how to exploit epidermal stem cells becomes legendary in obtaining skin as soft as… babies!

Our marketing division is comprised of only scientists.
And our researchers have a flair for

FULL PACKAGE, myth or reality?

At Bioware, Full Package is not a promise, but a guaranty of:

- A R&D department… a REAL one.

- A manufacturing and conditioning factory.

- A legal department that is capable of registering your products in all countries.

- A marketing department that can help you with the elaboration of your labels, and that can come up with innovative means to boost your sales.

- A finance department that can provide the
margins applied on this or that distribution

As a FAMILY with Bioware

At Bioware, you deal with managers.
Company share holders and members of a family
invested in servicing our clients.

No investment funds, no executives on commission.

It’s simple and that makes all the difference.

With Bioware, the PLANET is a village

With 5 subsidiaries across the globe, more than 450 collaborators of 17 different nationalities, Bioware and its group is an international crossroads of ideas.

Ideas, for example, stemming from business success of cosmetic brands or born through medical discoveries.

A curiosity of 360° seizing all opportunities
in order to enrich your supply.

HUMAN VALUES: the priceless treasure of Bioware.

You will be surprised, very surprised.

At Bioware, there is no forceful relationship, or Client-Supplier relationship; We are on your side, from the start and always. It’s unheard of and thus our little secret for success.

Our associates are all very different but share the same value that they apply every day: Honesty.
No matter what.
A true virtue sought after more and more
these days…

EXCELLENCE? A duty for Bioware.

How did Bioware and its group attract in its lab so many scientists of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Leading Companies Nationwide?

- By its 15 Innovative Prices in less than 4 years? Maybe.

- By its 17 patents under the name of their key clients in less than a year? Most probably…

- It’s constant collaboration with a DREAM TEAM composed of dermatological and biology and allergist
? Most likely.